Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located? Can you come to my city?
Service call means that techician comes over to your place for the diagnostics and estimate.
Technician didn't perform the diagnostics, should I still pay?
It depends. If technician wasn't able to find the problem and just left, you don't have to pay
If technician didn't even open the applince, but gave you the quote, you will have to pay the service call fee. Our technicians have many years of experience and in some cases (for example, when your appliance or HVAC is making loud noice, or if there is an error code) they don't need to disassemble your appliance to determine the issue
If you have plumbing or electricity issues (which requires different type of licence), our technician won't be able to help you and will reffer you to the plumber or electirician. This means that he found the problem, and you still will have to pay the service call fee
I am a property manager / owner and I have more than 5 properties. Do you have any special offers?
Yes. For the property managers with multiple appliances we have specials. Please, call our office to discuss your options
Do your technicians carry parts, or do we need to get our own?
Our technicians carry common parts, and most of the problems could be fixed right away. However, sometimes they will need to order some parts, or get them from our part manager. This can take from several hours to several days. If we order the part, it usually take 7-10 days to get it delivered.
What types of payment do you accept?
We prefer cash, but we accept all types of payment, such as checks, credit cards or PayPal
What is your service call fee?
We offer the best prices in the Bay Area. The service call fee is $85 for the residential appliance and HVAC repair and $95 for the commercial appliance and HVAC repair, but it will be absolutely FREE if you choose to do the repairs.
I have my own part, can you install it?
Sure, we can. In this case we will charge only for the labor. However, we will not give you any warranty on the part
If it turns out that you got the wrong part, we will either install our own part or will charge you for the service call, if you refuse to do the repair.
Can my appliance be fixed today?
It depends on the problem. If you're facing a common problem that requires common part, our technician will be able to fix it on spot. However, in some cases, like when your refrigerator requires freon, we will need a second visit. Sometimes we need to order the part, if it is something not common, like a control board. Technician can't carry all the parts for all kind of appliances, that's why sometimes they will need a second visit.
How do I reschedule an appointment?
You may call any number listed on the website, or request a call back. You may also message us on Yelp or Email us Please be prepared to provide us with your address and the time of your initial appointment.

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Curt S.

Technicians were right on time and got on the repair immediately. Identified the problem and provided good information.

Maren B.

Very professional and thorough. They didn’t rush and were very kind. They gave me the best course of action to fix the problem.

Harrison K.

quick response through text and email. easy to schedule appointment. next day service. will use again.

Pam P.

Repair man was friendly and efficient and I would recommend First Alliance Repair

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